3.R • Roots Renew Relive

Bergoglio 3.0 • luogo antico vita nuova
Citadel of Alessandria Public-Private Partnership Program


15 october 2018
9:00 am - 1:30 pm


    The past March 1st the creators and promoters of “Bergoglio 3.0 • New Life For An Ancient Site” illustrated – in the presence of the city institutions – the foundations and direction of the new project for the Citadel of Alessandria. It has been the first of a series of meetings with the City of Alessandria to explain and deepen the discussion on the most important national monument of the glocal territory.

    Monday 15 october, 2018 was the day that hosted the conference “3.R – Roots Renew Relive“. The conference took place in the Broletto of Alessandria inside the Palatium Vetus, headquarters of the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation.

    As part of the “Cultural Heritage PPP Road Show – Participatory Processes Between Public and Private1, EYCH label awarded (#EuropeForCulture), coinciding with the 850th anniversary of founding of Alessandria and the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the City Council, Bergoglio 3.0 promoters, Culture Action Europe (CAE) and Euradia are organizing this panel and a debate on Public-Private Partnership as the solution for Bergoglio 3.0 project.

    We explored together the more appropriate existing or possible instruments to help Bergoglio 3.0 come true: a path for regeneration and sustainability of the Citadel; a real opportunity for true and profound cultural, social and economic development for the city and the whole territory.


    1Cultural Heritage PPP Road Show“, organized by CAE and Euradia, began in November 2017 in Rome, as part of the “Beyond the Obvious” cultural Agorà at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. A series of meetings and debates on the topic will be held in Italy and abroad, during 2018-2019, until the next European Parliament elections.