Bergoglio 3.0
new life for an ancient place

New life for an ancient place” is the goal.

The vitality of the ancient district of Bergoglio, inserted with new sap in the formal architectural and environmental context of the Citadel of Alexandria, born on its ashes. An ancient civil settlement “lent” to the military world which returns, in the 21st century after more than two centuries, to a third life of civil activities this time of international amplitude. Here is explained the title that dresses up the project: “Bergoglio 3.0 • new life for an ancient place“.

The project is aimed at the complete structural and functional recovery of the Citadel for its regeneration, cultural enhancement and public use.

The project is entirely financed by the private sector, since from the first phase of startup installation. An investment, already available today, of about 20 million euros has been planned, the project does not postulate any direct public financial involvement. The complex development program, resulting in investments of around 375 million euro, consists of twenty years for the complete structural and functional recovery. Appropriate economic engines have been appropriately identified which will be implemented and which will permanently feed the demanding spending requirements.

A big Cultural Project, a massive cultural gathering, the restoration of the Citadel, new life for the city, all powered by a virtuous private enterprise, with a paramount sense of State and Community, with a long-term vision and with enough resources to ignite the initial economic engine.

We believe that wealth cannot be «asked for», but has to be generated. Culture needs economic autonomy and independence from the public institutions whose mission should be to control, to support and to «put in condition to». It is necessary to create the right conditions to ensure the long term maintenance and success of such a Project, in complete autonomy both economically and energetically, regardless of any public contributions, national and/or supranational. Not just a “monument charity”, but ideas to achieve profit. An indispensable opportunity to relaunch the labor market and the local cultural offer and to build a new system of skills, relationships and professional opportunities and employment.

The process of creating a new geographical location for cultural events and tourism flows, demands a constant and competent coordination and involvement of ruling class, politics, industry and commerce, never losing sight of the vital importance of constant improvement of surrounding infrastructures, processes of communication and value creation, without which the redevelopment and restoration of the Citadel would be an end in itself.

We came to the conclusion that a Public–Private Partnership-based Governance can actually and concretely ferry the Citadel towards unprecedented results. The State, in agreement with its various institutional forms and in consultation with competent local public entities through a Memorandum of Understanding, exercises its controlling role over the work of the private and may intervene with additional funding or facilitate the support of other European financing channels. The private, instead, can focus on providing the right and appropriate skills, drawing its efficiency from more agile and market-proof experience leveraging the resources of investors that are ready to take action.

It is important to emphasize how much the project is designed not to be exclusive but inclusive. We are so far from wanting some kind of private speculation: the Citadel of Alessandria is a monumental asset of the State, and an invaluable international cultural treasure: this must remain in the highest meaning of the term.

We think that Public–Private Partnership could be the right way, the right perspective to achieve all these challenging, overwhelming and fascinating targets. Not for us but for generations to come.

« The past is necessary to the future so that it can be built in the present ». The incredible historical and architectural richness of the citadel must be preserved and implemented with new lymph, in full respect of the work and life of the past generations.

Let’s give to future generations a new legacy open to the future and firmly rooted to its own past history.

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